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Enhanced - Major's 1 Year Survival Dehydrated Food
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Enhanced - Major's 1 Year Food Supply with Real Meat Entrees

Recession Proof Food Storage. Food has always been a proven survival item in earthquakes, winter storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and drought. In these times, there are dark clouds on the horizon that common sense dictates we should be prepared. As the cost of goods and services continues to climb a Year’s Supply of food may start to make sense as an investment as well as a survival tool in the event of a lay off, natural or man made disasters. Would you rather be at home or in line for groceries during a food, fuel or social riot? Food Storage makes dollars and cents! *A reminder, rotate your food storage.

Air-Dried Dehydrated Products - A Good Foundation For Any Storage Program
Although we offer hundreds of different types of food supplies, we highly suggest the following for the beginner - "buy what you can and buy a variety". Food is the most important commodity during hard times. Buy a basic year's supply and then add a little real meat or maybe some MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) to up the protein. By adding MRE's to your plan, you will have individual servings of food that can be eaten right from the pouch (no cooking, refrigeration or water to add).

The Basic Year's Supply is Air Dried dehydrated products: grains, fruit, vegetables and adjuncts. This food requires rehydration, cooking and seasoning to taste. It is the most economical food to store and will last up to 15 years unopened. It does require a little more preparation time.

Unit is packed in 12 storage cartons consisting of 72 No. 10 cans of high quality food and one case of real meat entrees. Unit includes cookbook to help you in preparing interesting meals for your family. It stores in a space only 18½" deep x 24" wide x 44" high, and fits nicely into most closets or under your bed. Weighs 395 lbs. Call For Best Freight Rate.

►3 #10 Apple Dices
►1 #10 Banana Chips
►2 #10 Fruit Medley
►1 #10 Carrots
►1 #10 Green Garden Peas
►1 #10 Split Peas
►3 #10 Potato Dices
►3 #10 Potato Granules
►1 #10 Tomato Powder
►1 #10 Cabbage
►1 #10 Yellow Corn
►1 #10 Green Beans
►1 #10 Lima Beans
►1 #10 Pinto Beans
►1 #10 Red (Chili) Beans
►1 #10 Cornmeal
►1 #10 Whole Wheat Flour
►1 #10 Granola
►1 #10 Elbow Macaroni
►2 #10 Rolled Oats
►2 #10 Pearl Barley
►1 #10 Popcorn
►2 #10 Long Grain White Rice
►1 #10 Red Wheat
►1 #10 Cheese Blend
►12 #10 Instant Non-Fat Milk
►6 #10 Regular Non-Fat Milk
►2 #10 Whole Egg Mix
►1 #10 Peanut Butter Powder
►1 #10 Hydration Drink
►2 #10 ABC Soup
►1 #10 Buttermilk Biscuit Mix
►1 #10 Chocolate Pudding
►1 #10 Butter Buds
►4 #10 TVP Beef
►4 #10 TVP Chicken
►1 #10 Soup Base, Beef
►1 #10 Book “Just Add Water”

Includes 72 retort pouches of real meat entrées The real meat entrées will equal approximately 1 main dish serving every 5 days for 1 person for a year and are the latest in technology and production with improved recipes your whole family will enjoy. They will store 5+ years in a cool dry place. Additional charges will apply.