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Surplus Rating Guide & Information


Use the following guide to rate products marked as:




Appears to be New or Issued but Never Used, No Signs of Wear

Very Good

Slightly Used - Very Little Wear


Normal wear, no rips or tears


Normal wear, some rips and/or tears


Well used, heavy wear, rips and/or tears, but still some life left


Surplus is not for everyone

Some folks should not buy surplus clothing and equipment. If you absolutely require the latest colors, materials, and styles then you should consider not buying military surplus, where as some military products are indeed new and un-issued, most are issued and may have minor repairs and or flaws. If you are most concerned about value and pricing you should definitely consider surplus. While not usually providing you with the latest space age material and technology, most surplus items will provide years of rugged, dependable service at a fraction of the cost of their commercial counterparts, and the best part is the fish and game think olive drab and good old faded woodland camouflage are always in fashion.


We always try to accurately represent the condition and overall appearance of our surplus goods, but please be careful when purchasing because surplus may not be for you.


We appreciate your business!


Major Surplus & Survival