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Shoestring Survivalism

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Shoestring Survivalism

Shoestring Survivalism is a complete budget-minded blueprint for preparing for tough times. Self-reliance veteran Andy James shows you dozens of shoestring survival methods that cost little or nothing yet will tremendously advance your preparedness for any sort of large-scale emergency, from natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, epidemics) to societal eruptions (acts of terrorism, economic depression, widespread crime). With the author’s handy tips and tricks for low-key, low budget survival, you will learn how to:

• Take 21 simple, low-cost steps right now that will drastically improve your chances of surviving any disaster

• Acquire free stuff that lots of survivalists never think of

• Locate the best sources for inexpensive, essential supplies—extra clothing, necessary tools, reliable guns, and more

• Stock cheap, filling foods to feed you and your family for 30 days or longer

• Find hidden values at familiar stores and in surprising corners of the internet

• Determine whether to stay at your home or bug out during an emergency, including safety in a government shelter

You do not need a fully stocked cabin in the mountains or an arsenal of expensive firearms to make it through hard times. You just need the will to begin preparing today, a surprisingly small amount of money to get started, and the handy information in this book.