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Veteran Made Survival Bracelets
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Item #: 07-0070
Reg. Price: $15.95
Our Price: $12.95


Veteran Made Survival Bracelets

The American Spirit Bracelet Program is based around a Para-cord Bracelet. This program raises money for veterans and their families who produce each bracelet. We contract veterans and the families of those deployed to produce them, and then offer them to the public to show their support. The Para-cord Bracelet (or Survival Bracelet) was first started in the “Sand Box” of Iraq by our troops. It makes an easy way to carry emergency survival cord. When you unravel the bracelet it yields about TEN feet of 550 Para-cord. 550 cord is named as such for its strength rating of 550 lbs. We use a two-tone nickel plated / composite buckle for our military bracelets. The others all use an aluminum buckle. We offer several color options: One for each branch of our military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and a WWII and POW/MIA option. One size fits most. Weighs .70 lbs. Please specify branch of service.

Veteran Made WWII Survival Bracelet

Our WWII bracelet is made from actual SURPLUS para-cord from World War II. Our troops (Airborne Rangers) dropped into Europe with the parachutes, and then the chutes were collected by locals for the silk. The cord was collected and is now being shipped back to us by only one supplier that we know of. These, nearly 70 year old cords are used to create the WWII bracelets. Because they are nearly 70 years old, we would not trust their 550 pound rating, but they will certainly hold up your tent or make a snare. One size fits most. Weighs .70 lbs.