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2 Person Mil-Spec Cooking Set


Cook and serve on the go! A $157 value with a rare 1937 vintage haversack for only $49.95!
Bring the comforts of home along with you in the field, everything you need to cook and serve a delicious meal anywhere you go, all for less than one third the list prices! We've combined our most durable and practical food prep and serving gear in one convenient package, and to make it an even more unbeatable deal, we've thrown in our exceptionally rare vintage Genuine 1937 Pattern British Military Haversack to carry everything in vintage style. Your mess hall on the move includes 2 of our Folding Stove with 8 Extra Large Fuel Tabs plus Matches (16-0029), an all-steel stove that opens to multiple cooking positions, yet folds to a space-saving 5"L x 1"W x 3 1/2"H, plus comes complete with matches and 8 extra-large fuel tabs you can break down further for energy conservation. You'll have 2 each of our U.S. Style 304 Stainless Steel Mess Kit (02-9524), which each have a cooking pan and eating tray. If you want to keep your main and sides separate, serve in 2 each of our heavy gauge stainless steel G.I. Style Mess Tray (02-9661) instead. To complete your serving pieces, we've also included 2 each of our N.A.T.O. Style Chow Set (03-4963), with stainless steel utensils that can double as tools, plus a corkscrew with a handy knife, Stainless Steel "Biner" Mug (16-8849), and 32 oz. (1 liter) Wide Mouth Sports Bottle (02-7066). You'll never have to worry about getting your flame going, either, since we've also added our Steel Fire Starter - 3 Pack (14-8851). And, your kitchen and dining set can go everywhere you do, carried in our Large British 37 Shoulder Bag (08-0557), the genuine 1937 pattern British Military Haversack, a rare piece of historic military surplus gear. Go further and enjoy the outdoors longer, because you'll have everything you need for fresh, delicious meals on the go, with our 2 Person Mil-Spec Cooking Set, plus you'll get extra-deep savings, with a bundled set that gives you $157 worth of high quality steel cooking and serving gear for the unbeatable price of only $49.95! some items may vary in color and style depending to the availability


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SKU 16-9991000000
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Weight 7.2100


Kitchen Useful Appliances Bundle Contains:
-2 pc. Folding Stove with 8 Extra Large Fuel Tabs plus Matches (16-0029)
-2 pc. U.S. Style 304 Stainless Steel Mess Kit (02-9524)
-2 pc. G.I. Style Mess Tray (02-9661)
-2 pc. N.A.T.O. Style Chow Set (03-4963)
-2 pc. Stainless Steel "Biner" Mug (16-8849)
-2 pc. 32 oz. (1 liter) Wide Mouth Sports Bottle (02-7066)
-Steel Fire Starter - 3 Pack (14-8851)
-Large British 37 Shoulder Bag (08-0557)
Weight: 7.21 lbs.


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