Mil-Spec Adventure Gear Life Micro Solar Charger

Mil-Spec Adventure Gear Life Micro Solar Charger
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Mil-Spec Adventure Gear Life Micro Solar Charger

Get up to eight extra hours of charge on the go with our Mil-Spec Micro Solar Charger. Not only is it compatible with your cell phones, Mp3 players, GPS devices, and portable games, it can charge any USB chargeable portable device, and includes multiple stand-alone adapters that work with most electronic devices, including Samsung, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson. Just plug in the USB cable under direct sunlight, and you're ready to use your phone, tablet, or GPS wherever you are while hiking, biking, camping, hunting, traveling, or on your daily maneuvers. You can conveniently carry or mount it virtually anywhere, with four included detachable suction cups to adhere to windows while driving, plus four tail clips that easily flex and mount to your backpack, bicycle, motorcycle, car, or gear while outdoors. For optimal charging, expose to direct sunlight at 90(0); device charge will vary based on product and solar panels' direct consistent exposure to sunlight. Device will provide up to eight hours or more of useable charge in battery conservation mode.


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SKU 11-0036001000
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-Compatible with cell phones, Mp3 players, tablets, DPS devices, portable games, and other devices
-Charges any USB chargeable portable device
-Up to eight hours of usable charge
-Four detachable suction cups and four tail clips for easy mounting
-Stand-alone charging adapters
-Includes multiple adapters for various electronic devices


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