Mil-Spec+ U.S. Style Nylon Cot Cover

Mil-Spec+ U.S. Style Nylon Cot Cover
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Mil-Spec+ U.S. Style Nylon Cot Cover

Our G.I. style nylon cot cover, sold separately, in case you need a replacement or you just want to have a back-up handy in case of damage or unexpected emergency or bad weather. The cot cover fits our Mil-Spec+ folding cots, measures 80 1/2"L x 27"W, and is available new in O.D. color.



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SKU 02-6996000000
Weight 3.0300

-Designed to fit G.I. folding cots

Color: O.D.
Measures: 80 1/2"L x 27"W
Weight: 3.03 lbs.


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Durable if it isn't where you sleep EVERY NIGHT.....
This product is specifically made to replace the fabric for the Mil Spec+ brand U.S. Design Cot and is so tightly fitted that it is unlikely to properly fit any other design unless it is exactly the same dimensions. As long as you use this product occasionally instead of every night like I did, you will probably get many years worth of use out of it. I slept on it every night for at least 18 months and eventually the edges started to fray under all the constant tension. I'm sure that it could be made to be more rugged, but I know it would cost a whole lot more. Again, this product is a great value for anyone who owns a Mil Spec+ cot and only uses it occasionally. But don't use it as your regular bed....
Review by Nick in Seattle / (Posted on 6/20/2017)
Too big for USGI issue cots. Slightly longer one of the end won't lock up due to inadequate tension from the length being too long.
Too long
Review by DirtMcgirt / (Posted on 6/8/2017)

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