Voodoo Tactical MRE Rations (12 Complete Meals)

Voodoo Tactical MRE Rations (12 Complete Meals)
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Voodoo Tactical MRE Rations (12 Complete Meals)

Each Voodoo Tactical Ration case is packed full of high-quality high calorie and high carbohydrate food that will keep you sustained and focused when you need it the most. This enhanced ration is more “bulk for the buck”.

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SKU 09-9623000000
Weight 27.7500
Features Features gourmet entrées and a host of tasty snacks and side dishes that will have you looking forward to your next meal! Box measures 17½"L x 10"W x 15"H. Weighs 27.75 lbs.

►1 8 oz. Entrée - 12 Assorted Flavors per Case
►1 Side Dish
►2 Cookies or Cookie Packs
►2 Rye Krisp Cracker Packs (4 crackers)
►1 Large Shortbread Cookie
►2 Snack Item - Plain and Peanut M&M Fun Packs
►1 Pound Cake
►1 Jelly - Spread for Crackers
►1 Tapatio Hot Sauce Packet
►1 Deluxe Accessory Pack with Spoon, Drink, Salt and Pepper

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Okay , but there are better out there for the price
Go THROUGH the box before you buy! Voodoo stacks the packages with peanut butter to get the calorie count up high- great if you are not allergic, but monotonous. I buy because its available locally, and supplement the packs- usually buying 2-3 boxes( or max. 36 individual packs) with Mountain house freeze dried which has more taste and variety.

IF major surplus has individual MRE entrees or components ( sausage patty, rice, different meat entrees) I will buy them and add to the packs then reseal, along with spare condiments.

In an emergency, these are better than nothing, but I advise people who are "bugging in" to buy canned goods, then go to their freeze dried . The Voodoo tactical MREs are good for having to move or to toss into your car trunk
Review by Ben "Goat Master" Spolarich / (Posted on 1/23/2017)

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